How to achieve climate targets by increasing recycling quotas of materials.

whitepaper: "how to achieve climate targets by incresing recycling quotas of materials"
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The need for increased materials recycling quotas has never been more critical. As the automotive industry strives for a greener future by increasing recycling rates from 97%, this whitepaper shines a light on the challenges and opportunities surrounding this pressing issue. Featuring a compelling case study on a steering knuckle part, this whitepaper uncovers the implications of recycling quotas and their potential to revolutionize decarbonization efforts by analyzing product carbon footprint scenarios of this specific part. Through concise and expert-led insights, we offer a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities of a topic yet to be explored.

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Increasing materials', and more specifically metals' recycling quotas for a significant reduction of carbon emissions from manufacturing processes.
The importance of overcoming challenges such as strict material requirements and sorting complexities to unlock the climate benefits of higher recycling quotas.
The potential of higher recycling quotas for steering knuckles to optimize products' carbon emissions by up to 70%.
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