Collect all your carbon data from one place

Enhance the quality of your carbon footprints by operating with verified and dynamic CO2e reference data.
Save time researching CO2e data and scale your PCF calculation.

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It all comes down to the quality & availability of CO2e data.

Make researching CO2e data efficient

Multiple Filtering

Based on 20+ years of industry experience, we developed an extensive and dynamic CO2e database.
The sustamizer contains a multi filtering system, making every CO2 reference query into the database easy, dynamic and efficient.

In-depth comparison and analytics

Our data is compiled using a calculation methodology that has been validated by GUTcert with the GHG Product Life Cycle Accounting & Reporting Standard.
The CO2 values result from the comparison of multiple sources and common and recycling values.

Scale your PCF and Scope 3 emission calculations.

The sustamizer enables you to speed up your carbon footprint reporting.

Mass Upload
Speed up your CO2 research: with a single query you can obtain all CO2e values from your bill of materials.
Delegate research
Our team of experts will support you with additional research on CO2e values and PCF analyses.

CO2 values

Including composites, metals, polymers with recycling and common CO2 values.


CO2 values

Including the following general electronic parts: wires, connectors, sensors, wires, etc.


CO2 values

Including manufacturing processes, equipments and employee reference data.


CO2 values

Including various transport means and packaging options.


Energy mix
CO2 values

Up-to-date energy mixes for +160 different countries with their energy source information.

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sustamizer dashboard
For teams

sustamizer for different teams

Sustainabilty / ESG managers

Align your business operations with your climate targets.

The sustamizer® provides access to comprehensive CO2 reference data, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions, effectively manage carbon emissions, decarbonize their products and achieve net-zero goals. By harnessing the power of the Product Footprint Engine's reliable, up-to-date CO2 data through a simple-to-use interface, sustainability practitioners can now make informed decisions with real impact.

sustainability manager

ESG Consultants

Excel the communication with your clients.

The sustamizer® enhances your carbon footprint assessments, bringing thoroughness, credibility and transparency to your sustainability claims and minimizing the risk of greenwashing. The web application supports bottom-up modeling of consultants' products and processes with the right data, revolutionizing carbon footprint results and enabling practitioners to deliver high-value assessments to their clients.

How it works

Start by managing CO2e easily.

1. Access

Find out if the data you need is available.

2. Select

Choose the license that fits best to your company's needs.

3. Start

Start automated or manual PCF & Scope 3 emission calculations.

For teams

Designed for any business activity data into CO2e insights

Cost Engineers

Embed CO2e data into your costing software. Enhance your product's cost information by including the carbon footprint metric and effortlessly integrate climate impact into your cost management decisions.

Procurement Officers

Discover your supply chain's climate impact. Utilize your data on procurement and spending to quantify your upstream Scope 3 emissions, identify emission hotspots, and guide your efforts toward achieving your net-zero targets.

Product Designers

Minimize your product's impact on the climate early in the development process. Create the carbon footprint as early as in the design phase and compare the scenarios resulting from your design decisions. The Product Footprint Engine 's databases also include alternative materials that drive sustainability in products.


Assess the climate impact of your products for transparent reporting and lay the foundation for informed decision-making on environmental sustainability issues. Integrating the dynamic PFE databases into your ESG software embeds emission measurement and management into daily business processes, increasing your company's ability to reduce emissions.

ESG Consultants

Generate detailed and reliable carbon footprints, enabling hotspot identifications and targeted climate impact recommendations. By accessing the PFE's dynamic data via the sustamizer®, you can now give your advice the data-driven support it needs, providing your analyses with credibility and transparency.