We drive sustainable products.

The goal of the climate tech industry is to develop technologies that help fight climate change. As the Climate-Tech industry evolves and its fields expand, it is essential to keep the big picture in mind. As a part of the climate tech environment and also continuously growing, we at sustamize focus on enabling companies to optimize the environmental impact of the products they bring to the market. This is the heart of our business model, which centers on reducing greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) first.

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Our Values.

  • Gratitude
  • We value everyone's actions.
  • Sustainability
  • We embrace sustainability in all its complexity.
  • Excellence
  • We strive for constant improvement.
  • Innovation
  • We boost new ideas and impulses.

Our Journey.

sustamize, a spin-off of worldwatchers, has expanded the full potential of its Product Footprint Engine (PFE). With the PFE, sustamize provides manufacturing companies with a variety of solutions to integrate up-to-date CO2 data and management into their existing business processes as well as enables automated Product & Value Chain Footprint Management.

Our team

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