Efficient Product Carbon Footprint analytics.

sustamize experts use a unique bottom-up approach to calculate product carbon footprints, including the entire supply chain. This method offers a detailed, efficient and standard-compliant analysis, benchmark comparisons and insights in optimization potential.

Product Carbon Footprint

Realizing CO2e optimization potential on product & value chain level.

The sustamize calculation method follows the natural flow of production. The basis of this approach is the modeling of the value chain similar to a process analysis. For this purpose, a dynamic process model is created and evaluated in terms of CO2e according to  GHG standards.

Bottom-up method

The PCF modelling is based on a typical, structured bill of material (BOM) as they are available in the ERP and the CAD systems.


Thanks to the sustamize bottom-up method and CO2e reference data, the PCF analytics can be extended to an effective benchmark comparison.


sustamize PCF analysts are industry experts who also assist in identifying optimization potential (cost & CO2e) at every process level.


Start your climate transformation now.

Build a more transparent value chain, produce sustainable products, and manage carbon footprints easily with a fully integrated CO2e reference data system. sustamize offers support for PCF analysis calculations, as well as the option to integrate the sustamize Product Footprint Engine in daily business processes.

sustamizer dashboard

CO2e data

Get access to the largest, verified CO2e database developed to easily measure product & value chain footprints.


Benefit from a seamless integration in existing processes and software programs to measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions.

and more

sustamize is supporting the climate transformation to reach NetZero. Contact us to find out more.


Want to know more?

Is your PCF analytics ISO/GHG compliant?

Yes, we calculate PCFs based on the GHG Product Life Cycle Accounting Reporting Standard. On demand, we can also calculate PCFs based in ISO 14067 or PAS 2050.

Do you have more information about your data content, methodology and ...?

You can find more information about sustamize Product Footprint Engine including database information, data processing, API knowledge, first steps in our detailed FAQs section.

What is CO2e, PCF, climate transformation or LCI?

We have an extensive glossary explaining a variety of technical terms.