Rethinking Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) databases for carbon footprints..

sustamize enables data users to carry out CO2e footprint analytics precisely and efficiently with the support of relevant reference data, as well as comprehensible calculation tools.


The challenge of calculating Scope 3 & product carbon emissions.

sustamize developed a complete and proprietary database, called the Product Footprint Engine (PFE). Its purpose is to evaluate precise CO2e values along the manufacturing processes and the entire value chain.

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CO2 Data

The largest dynamic CO2e reference database.

Complying with requirements and regulations is essential to conducting high-quality footprint analysis. This starts with using reliable data for your CO2e reports. That's why our Product Footprint Engine, accessible via the sustamizer, meets the relevant methodological requirements in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol - Product Life Cycle Accounting & Reporting Standard and has been validated for suitability and plausibility in accordance with ISO 14064-3:2019-04 by the third party GutCert.

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+4400 Material CO2 Values

Including metals, polymers, composites. Recycling and common values.

+850 Electronics CO2 Values

Including the following general electronic parts: wires, connectors, sensors, wires, etc.

+750 Production CO2 Values

Including manufacturing processes, equipments and employee reference data.

+300 Logistic CO2 Values

Including the most used, various transportation means and packaging options.

+160 Energy Mix CO2 Values

Up-to-date energy mix for more than 160 countries and regions with energy source information and regulatory updates.

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Want to know more?

Are all LCA relevant impact factors stored?

Not all LCA impact factors are considered, as we are currently focusing on a detailed and holistic approach regarding CO2e reference data. In the long term, we plan to expand our database for Material Footprints.

Can I use your data for GHG/ISO compliant calculations?

Yes, this also applies to the use of our modules or our partners' software. Our data can be used for GHG protocols (corporate and product standards). Our databases were validated for its suitability & plausibility under to ISO 14064-3:2019-04 requirements. Depending on the software module or partner, a specific standard may vary.

Do you have more information about your data content, methodology and ...?

You can find more information about sustamize Product Footprint Engine including database information, data processing, API knowledge, first steps in our detailed FAQ section.

How do I get access to your data?

We offer different access points and different license models. Please get in contact with us, so we can find the best fit for you.

What is CO2e, PCF, climate transformation or LCI?

We have an extensive glossary explaining a variety of technical terms.

What types of databases does sustamize have?

We developed different databases categorized in:
Energy Database (Country energy mix and its direct emissions)
Logistics Database (Packaging, Transportation)
Materials Database (Composites, Construction, Elements, Metals, Polymers, Sinters)
Production (Employees, Equipment, Manufacturing)

Check the frequent asked questions on our databases and its updates.