Dynamic & automated footprint calculation.

sustamize enables data users to carry out automated CO2e footprint analytics by integrating relevant reference data and comprehensive calculation tools.

sustamizer dashboard
API integration

Decisions based on automated CO2e transparency.

Access the Product Footprint Engine (PFE) with a standard API integration to calculate and update millions of CO2e footprints based on the largest CO2e reference database and comply with standards like ISO 14067, GHG Corporate & Product Standard.

Product Carbon Footprints

The analysis follows the natural flow of manufacturing through a unique bottom-up method. The PCF modeling is based on typical, structured bill of materials (BOM) or CAD systems.

Supply Chain (Scope3) emissions

When the top-down meets the bottom-up method: supply chains can be fully mapped using sustamize's extensive CO2e reference data and supply chain information.

Optimization & Scenario calculation

Design CO2e-optimized products by implementing eco-design and circular economy principles based on CO2e reference data, as well as in-depth industry and process knowledge.

Seamless integration

Receive reference data with the best possible completion ratio from the sustamize API (JSON). Get access also to an API Sandbox in the early developing stage.

Dynamic dataset

sustamize CO2e reference data enable data users to receive a dynamic dataset, especially powerful to calculate different scenarios.

Add on data

Integrating CO2e in day-to-day business processes is the key to reaching NetZero. sustamize PFE is already integrated into several software solutions.


The largest CO2e reference database.

In order to carry out a high-quality footprint analysis, it is necessary to comply with requirements and validations of our methodology and sources. Our databases were validated for its suitability & plausibility under to ISO 14064-3:2019-04 requirements.

Energy Database: Country energy mix and its direct emissions
Materials Database: Composites, Construction, Elements, Metals, Polymers, Sinters
Logistics Database: Packaging, Transportation
Production Database: Employees, Equipment, Manufacturing
Industry Reference products
Industry Reference processes
gutCert Certification
How it works

Start easily managing CO2e.

1. Select

Get in contact and select the fitting database.

2. Access

Get access to our PFE via API, software partners or look-up.

3. Start

Start automated or manual PCF & Scope 3 emissions calculation.


Want to know more?

How and where can I integrate your data?

Besides the defined integration to our software partners, we offer also an easy JSON integration format.

Are all LCA relevant impact factors stored?

Not all LCA impact factors are considered, as we are currently focusing on a detailed and holistic approach regarding CO2e reference data. In the long term, we plan to expand our database for Material Footprints.

Can I use your data for GHG/ISO compliant calculations?

Yes, this also applies to the use of our modules or our partners' software. Our data can be used for GHG protocols (corporate and product standards). Depending on the software module or partner standard may vary.

Do you have more information about your data content, methodology and ...?

You can find more information about sustamize Product Footprint Engine including database information, data processing, API knowledge, first steps in our detailed FAQ section.

How do I get access to your data?

We offer different access points and different license models. Please get in contact with us, so we can find the best fit for you.