Integrated CO2e data in existing solutions.

Achieving CO2 neutrality is only one part of a holistic sustainability strategy. However, in order to succeed, it is important to integrate CO2 KPIs into today's processes. That is why sustamize cooperates with trustworthy, established, as well as innovative software houses.

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Product Management

Design CO2 optimized products.

Ecodesign and the use of CO2e optimized materials and processes play a major role in the development of new products. Many manufacturing companies already work with different applications that are primarily designed to manage costs - with sustamize PFE integration, product footprints can now be measured, optimized, and managed

Procurement Management

Control supply chain CO2 emissions.

One of the biggest challenges in reporting CO2 emissions is supply chain emissions. However, supply chain management is much broader than just reporting CO2 emissions. That's why sustamize integrates its PFE with existing procurement systems, providing the flexibility to measure, optimize and manage the supply chain footprint.

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How it works

Use the power of established and innovative software systems.

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