Seamlessly integrated CO2e Management.

Start to measure, optimize and manage product and value chain footprints with the largest CO2e database.
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Science- and industry based footprints.

Access the largest trusted CO2e reference database.

Get access to the largest, verified CO2e database developed to easily measure Product & Value Chain Footprints. The sustamize database stores millions of data points including metals, polymer, composites, processes, energy mixes, transport and more. Our databases are validated by GUTcert GmbH according to ISO 14064-3:2019-04 requirements.

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Empowering your organization.

sustamize Product Footprint Engine combines datasets with smart calculation algorithms accessible via API integration. Benefit from a seamless integration in existing processes and software programs to empower everyone across the organization to measure and manage carbon emissions.

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Gain real insights into Product Footprints.

sustamize calculates Product Carbon Footprints including the whole supply chain based on a bottom-up approach, following the natural flow of manufacturing. This offers a detailed, efficient and standard-compliant analysis.


Optimizing your products.


Make the right decisions based on up-to-date and dynamic reference CO2e data & industry insights that go beyond merely reporting aggregate CO2e values.

Minimized effort

Manage CO2e footprints with maximum efficiency using integrated & automated CO2e calculations across the organization.


Focus on product optimization while sustamize provides validated, up-to-date and comprehensive reference data.

Saving measures

Get the support you need to start your climate transformation holistically to save costs with the guidance of sustamize and partners.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

Raumedic's goal is to calculate and reduce Scope 3 emissions in detail. sustamize Product Footprint Engine provided us with a database where we could quickly find adequate data for our materials. Especially, the use of standardized material numbers and country-specific data helped us to use specific CO2e reference data.

"Increasing, preserving, and systematically using the value of corporate data to increase the competitiveness of our customers. This is our passion. Partners like sustamize support our strategy perfectly. sustamize and shouldcosting are committed to making the calculation of the product carbon footprint as simple and efficient as possible. This means end-to-end and complete automation of CO2 analysis along the product life cycle.”

Today, 80 percent of the environmental impact associated with a product can be avoided in the development and design phase. Our collaboration with sustamize will enable us to continue our path to sustainability by enabling customers to understand the environmental impacts of their products and processes early in the product development based on comprehensive, up to date, data.”

CO2 costs are moving into focus. We receive inquiries that already place the CO2 cost approach as a central element in the focus of software selection. We want to meet these needs and challenges. With sustamize, we remain true to our philosophy of bringing a dynamic and flexible partner to our side, who is able to offer fast and customer-oriented solutions with great expertise.”

"While seeking a way to measure our carbon impact with certain products, I came across sustamize. Within a couple of weeks of sending the information and some follow-up discussion with the team, I received the extensive result that I was looking for. The analysis was professionally conducted and well worth the investment of time, money and efforts. Sustamize provided a report that I was able to share with customers and stakeholders that can be easily read and understood. For us, it provides a real value to the company."