Meet sustamize's newly founded expert Advisory Board

Get to know the background about sustamize's Advisory Board members.

Meet sustamize's newly founded expert Advisory Board

At sustamize, we are excited to share a major milestone in our journey toward driving sustainable products through smart CO2 data. We have recently established an Advisory Board comprising distinguished experts from various fields. This board aims to bring together diverse perspectives and tap into the invaluable knowledge of our stakeholders, including clients, partners, investors, and the scientific community. With their guidance, we aim to further accelerate our commitment to the industry's decarbonization.

Meet the board members

Our advisory board currently consists of four esteemed members who possess a wealth of experience and expertise in their respective domains:

Markus Langheinrich

Chair of the board, he embarked on his professional journey in the mid-80s, graduating in Industrial Engineering. After venturing into the IT industry, he found his way into the realm of reinsurance, where he held various managerial positions, including a senior executive role at MunichRe. Today, Markus is dedicated to supporting Tech and FinTech start-ups, leveraging his extensive experience to guide and empower entrepreneurs. His passion for technology and reinsurance provides a unique insight into the start-up ecosystem.

Dr. Peter F. Hugger

Dr. Hugger has contributed to the software consulting industry for nearly a decade, member of SAP ecosystem, and Senior Executive of IT & RI. Currently serving on the board of directors of Saudi Re, he continues to positively impact the reinsurance and consulting sectors.

With a diverse professional background of more than 30 years, he has held leading and C-level positions in the reinsurance industry across Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, and Switzerland. Having spent a significant part of his career in Asia, he gained precious insights into different cultures and business practices. In addition to his reinsurance expertise and strong relation to the software industry, Peter F. Hugger has proven experience in internalization.

Dr. Andreas Rennet

He brings his expertise as an accomplished professional focusing on sustainable development. Holding a prominent position, he is one of the co-founders of sustamize. At the forefront of sustainable business practices in the manufacturing and automotive industry, Dr. Rennet's knowledge and experience play a vital role in guiding sustamize toward innovative solutions and approaches at sustamize. His insights contribute to the strategic direction of the company.

Nicolas Robin

Managing director at Rothschild & Co - Five Arrows based in Paris, he brings his extensive financial experience to our advisory board. With his investment banking and wealth management expertise, Mr. Robin has fulfilled key positions in various organizations, including Harvest Groupe and A2MAC1. Equipped with a solid foundation in financial principles and an MSc in Corporate Finance from the University of Warwick.

Members of the board will convene at least twice a year to engage in discussions and strategize on sustainable business practices. We are confident that their collective expertise will support sustamize in contributing to global decarbonization and achieving remarkable business achievements. In the coming months, we will provide insights into their backgrounds, their contributions to the board, and the subjects discussed in future advisory meetings.

The establishment of our advisory board marks a significant step forward in sustamize's commitment to driving sustainable products with smart CO2 data. We are honored to be supported by such esteemed members. With their diverse perspectives and invaluable expertise, we are confident in our ability to make a lasting positive impact in the industry.