Courage to change. Increasing energy efficiency as a first step toward greater climate responsibility. Thought through from start to finish.


Climate Responsibility | Energy Management

SEMPACT AG ensures sustainable energy performance for industrial companies. The SEMPACT team is the partner for energy management and climate responsibility by providing consulting and technical implementation of measures for greater energy efficiency in companies, and by imparting practical knowledge within the framework of an in-house academy. Since the manufacturing industry has an immense energy turnover, the potential savings in this area are enormous and the opportunities to contribute to climate protection are realizable. Thereby, companies can not only save considerable costs, but also emissions. SEMPACT accompanies these transformation concepts on the customer side and knows the legal requirements and funding opportunities. Thus, in addition to enabling efficient energy management, SEMPACT also supports companies in their transformation to climate neutrality.‍

A holistic approach to achieving climate goals.

Together, sustamize and SEMPACT support the manufacturing industry in meeting current and future challenges. In doing so, we offer different project variants. Since not every company can already integrate CO2 data into processes or measure key figures independently, SEMPACT offers the calculation of carbon footprints at the company level using data from the sustamize Product Footprint Engine. In addition, SEMPACT provides support for a climate change risk analysis, gap analysis of climate responsibility and CO2 reduction measures. At the heart of all activities is the establishment of efficient energy management and the associated knowledge transfer.  

Pioneer of change

Profit from this and become a pioneer of change. Only through a joint network and knowledge transfer can we meet the challenges of the future. During a no-obligation initial meeting with SEMPACT, you can take the first step and create the foundations you need to achieve your goals through an initial assessment.