Enabling scalable Product Cost & Carbon Footprint Optimization & Management in the manufacturing industry.


Tsetinis Software GmbH – short Tset - is a leading expert in product cost and carbon footprint analysis.

The Vienna and Kuchl-based scale-up was founded in 2018 by Andreas Tsetinis and Sasan Hashemi. With its holistic cost management software, Tset enables the manufacturing industry to maximise cost- and CO2-efficient product development, production and procurement. Since cost and CO2 emissions are always calculated together, customers can show the benefits of their own products and CO2 avoidance strategies very specifically. In contrast to other solutions, the Tset software offers very comprehensive and accurate analyses based on numerous secondary data already available with only a few additional primary data of the respective supply chain. In addition, the solution is cloud-based and offered as a SaaS product, making the system ready-to-use and eliminating internal IT costs for customers. This offer is used by decision-makers from the white goods, yellow goods, automotive industry, medical technology and electrical engineering. 70 mathematicians, software developers and manufacturing experts are currently working on constantly expanding and optimising Tset's offering.

Enterprise Cloud Solution

With Tset, an instant-on enterprise cloud solution, the Product Cost and the CO2 emissions are analysed in one calculation, that optimization can easily take place in the different phases throughout the entire product-lifecycle. More than 50 process and technology data-driven calculation modules based on hands-on industry knowledge and validate by partners and customers, allow businesses with modern user interface in a browser-based and zero-install client to instantly manage and optimize the product cost and carbon footprint of their products - without any prior setup and configuration efforts. This simple and intuitive user experience saves time and improves efficiency compared to traditional manual calculation methods.

Tset empowers the manufacturing industry tocreate sustainable products now and for the future. Tset provides automaticallyactionable insights into both product cost and CO2 footprintsimulations at every stage of the product lifecycle, offering areliable method for optimizing manufacturability. Tset’s software allows businesses to quickly and accurately simulate the manufacturing process, whichsaves time and improves the efficiency of the organization.

To ensure comprehensive solutions for their clients, sustamize partnered with Tset. This partnership enables Tset to access critical data sets from every stage of the value chain, helping businesses to create products that are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and efficient. Tset and sustamize are committed to a sustainable future and are dedicated to working with businesses to help them achieve their sustainability goals.