4L Impact Strategies

Sustainability strategy and management consultancy with affiliated academy. We make sustainability work for your business and your employees.

4L Impact Strategies

Sustainable consulting on equal footing.

4L ImpactStrategies advise SMEs on how to integrate sustainability securely and reliably into their strategy - without losing sight of their core business.  The team brings clarity, focus and ease to all your sustainability work.

4L Impact Strategies is part of the 4L Impact Family. All these"family members" are united by the ambition to make a positive impacton the world through actions. 4L Impact Strategies believes in a successful,viable future with sustainability at its core.

Sustainable action withstrategy.

Not losing sight of the big picture is the biggest challenge in transforming your company into a sustainable business. As CO2 Management is just one pillarin a bigger transformation sustamize is collaborating with 4L Impact Strategiesto take you step by step through the process of strategy development, implementation and guiding you to the high-hanging fruits of sustainability to maximize your innovation potential and get your business ready for the future.

4L ImpactStrategies offers:

·    Sustainability Check - Status quo assessment

·     Sustainability Consulting - Strategy development and planning

·     Transformation Support  – Implementing effective change

·     Sustainability Academy – Knowledge Transfer

Down-to-earth partners for SMEs.

In the future, a company's sustainability performance will play a key role indetermining its performance record. But how do you perform quickly and effectively at this point? Without greenwashing. Instead, with authenticity. 4LImpact Strategies accompanies the entire journey on the path to sustainable SMEs with highly qualified consultants with many years of experience.