Shouldcosting GmbH are experts in automated data generation and automated data usage to substantially improve their customers´ competitiveness.


DATA-DRIVEN | Generate data, use data, automate data

Shouldcosting firmly believes that the value of enterprise data is massively underestimated and that the data-driven enterprise is the natural evolution of a digital enterprise. This means that data will be used systematically in all areas of a business, and the use of data will contribute significantly to the company's competitive advantage. Shouldcosting has developed a data-driven engine that lets its customers save money.

The data-driven Engine supports the following solutions:

  • Data-driven Costing
  • Data-driven Validation
  • Data-driven Procurement
  • Data-driven Carbon Footprint with sustamize

Automated ProductCarbon Footprint

sustamize and shouldcosting offer their customer CO2e automated product carbon footprint analyses, including reference data for the entire supply chain. Thereby, shouldcosting contributes the data-using component and sustamize adds CO2 reference data with the appropriate calculation logics.


Company data is often heterogeneous and lacking in quality. It doesn't matter whether it's in the ERP, PDM or PLM system. Accordingly, it requires the ability to systematically generate the perfect data from mediocre and heterogeneous data. Data that is meaningful, complete and homogeneous. The Data-Driven Engine of shouldcosting generates perfect data from existing data. So that all information is available for every product. Whether in ERP, PLM, CAD or PDM. Combined with sustamize CO2 reference data and calculation logics, fully automated Product Carbon Footprint analyses are possible.

Verify the CO2eimpact of products per drag & drop

The CostChecker CO2e allows customers to calculate the CO2e footprint for individual parts by dragging and dropping a 3D CAD file. The CostChecker shows the CO2e footprint of the part and the associated costs.


CostChecker with CO2e Footprints

Automated PCF for the entire product portfolio while saving costs

In order to calculate CO2 emissions top-down in mass data, it requires data from different sources. The shouldcosting Data-Driven Engine generates all the necessary basic data. The Data-Driven Engine provides all technical values of components for hundreds of thousands of articles. Even coating data and accuracy data such as tolerances etc. are available in perfect quality. For the calculation of CO2 emissions, sustamize provides the dynamic CO2e reference database. The combination of data enables our customers to perform automated, efficient and very accurate PCF calculations.

Strong Partnership

Software support is essential when processing mass data. Together with the shouldcosting´s software PSI -predictive saving identifier and the sustamize Product Footprint Engine enables our customers to calculate CO2 emissions at the push of a button.