PwC's Cost and Carbon Manager (CCM) creates transparency about your costs and greenhouse gas emissions along the entire value chain.


PwC's Cost and Carbon Manager (CCM) integrated sustamize's Product Footprint Engine.

Make informed decisions for product, production and supplier choice. Gain competitive advantages through cost & carbon leadership.Leading toward an affordable carbon-free future.

PwC's Cost and Carbon Manager (CCM)

PwC's Cost and Carbon Manager gives an insight into two-dimensional product optimization. The tool can be used for both individual and combined use cases. These include Costing (determining and identifying reduction opportunities), Leverage Analysis in the context of Life Cycle Assessments (determining and identifying reduction opportunities), Benchmarking, Make-or-Buy Analysis, Site Management, Uncovering Waste Costs and many more.

PwC has seamlessly integrated sustamize's Product Footprint Engine (PFE), empowering various departments to effectively measure, optimize, and manage carbon footprints at every level of the product's value chain. Companies can use PwC Cost and Carbon Manager with sustamize's Product Footprint Engine to directly view the effects of various development scenarios on the areas of sustainability and profitability and optimize production processes and products in a targeted and efficient matter. The integrated database can be accessed directly from within the tool and can be used for cost and emission data for sites, materials, energy, etc. It reduces the research effort and is also certified. On the other hand, existing company-specific data can of course also be used.

Our collaboration will enable deep dive bottom-up calculations to measure, analyze, benchmark, and reduce the #ProductCarbonFootprint along the entire value chain.